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       Is  your business adequately            Do you provide health insurance         Are you spending a bundle at 
       protected?                                              for your employees?                                home?                                           
       Let one of our professionals visit    With health care costs escalating        Changes in policies in the        
       with you to discuss your                    employers find it more difficult             past few years have greatly     
       insurance needs.                                  than ever to afford quality coverage   reduced coverage for                                                                                           for their workers.                                      homeowners  throughout        
                                                                                                                                                Texas without providing rate   
       Whether you are looking for               By representing numerous                   relief. By representing more    
       property, general liability, worker's   companies, we at South Texas            than one company, we offer    
       compensation, employment               Texas Insurance Agencies can            you  coverage that protects     
       practices liability, product liability,     tailor a
  benefits package that will       your assets as well as your     
       pollution, windstorm, or other            help you  retain the good                       pocket book.                               
       specialized coverage, we can            employees that you have, as well                                                                
       tailor a policy to fit your needs and   attract new ones to help your                                                                       
       and your budget.                                    business flourish. we can offer both                                                          
                                                                            fully insured and self-funded plans.

       Specialty programs include:              Benefits:                                            Other types of Personal Insurance
                                                                                                                                        we offer Include:                                 

       Contractors - general contractors     Group Health                                    Auto
       & subcontractors                                   Group Life                                         Boat
                                                                           Group Dental                                    Umbrella
      Oil & Gas - operators, contractors      Disability                                           Jewelry
      and suppliers                                           Vision                                                 Windstorm
                                                                           Section125                                        Flood
      Professional Offices - medical             GAP Plans                                         Life and Estate Preservation
      offices, attorneys, CPA's, etc.              Work site Voluntary Benefits        Health
                                                                           Cobra Administration                     Long-term Care
      Condos & Townhouses -
      residential or commercial

      Restaurants - dine-in and fast

      Trucking - local and long haul

      Main Street - general retail &

      Hotels & Motels

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